Sale Vineyard property - Montpellier

2,968,000 €

Ref. 1824LR - This high standing property in several blocks around the village, easy to access, is located in the center of the Aude department. Beautiful building complex of 750 m² completely renovated with quality materials. The dwelling house offers 320 m² with a reception room of 120 m² and indoor swimming pool. Outside, landscaped garden with swimming pool and 80 m² pool house. Continuing on from these buildings, a 140 m² manager's house, a 30 m² studio and a 90 m² house complete the set. The 38-hectare vineyard is made up of several well-sized, easy-to-access cultivation islands from the winery in the village. The planted vineyard is classified in AOP Corbières on 22.30 Ha and 17.70 Ha in IGP. About 5 ha of fields offer a land reserve that can allow the vineyard to be extended. The buildings are organized on a 6000 m² plot inside the village. The main vinification unit of around 4,789 HL allows vinification and storage in two isolated and air-conditioned cellars. An agricultural hangar of 160 m² can accommodate the equipment.

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